What to do in New York

What to do in New York? Here 10 Ultimate Things to Do in New York City

I can not describe New York better than Jerome Charyn, an American novelist, who called it “a singular mixture of law and disorder.” Despite its eclectic architecture, New York is a very orderly city. effervescence out of the ordinary.

Whether you are visiting New York as part of a vacation or business trip, such as for a New York corporate seminar, many in the city, here are all the main activities that the city offers.

US Economic Center It is the most visited city in North America and offers a large concentration of seminars and trade shows.

What’s the Best Time to Visit New York City ?

If I had to recommend two seasons to go to New York, it would be spring and fall (I never made the trip in winter). Why not summer? Simply because of the high temperatures that become unbearable when you have to walk the city.

If you go there for a few days as part of the work or a seminar, you can go there all year long , your stay is not likely to exceed a few days on site.

Top 10 Things to do in New York

1. High Line & Chelsea Market

The High Line is a 2 km suspended park on old aerial tracks. This place is characterized by its urbanism: combination of plants, works of art and old rails.

Perfect for strolling and watching the streets of New York! Impossible to go through the High Line without going to Chelsea Market! This large covered market offers a wide range of culinary specialties to take away or enjoy on site.

2. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building at 350 5th Avenue offers unparalleled views every day from 8am to 2am. I went there on a Friday night and did not wait a long time before discovering the illuminated city!

You can reserve your tickets for the Empire State Building in advance. It is possible to rent offices to hold meetings or seminars in small groups, think to inquire at the reception of the building.

3. Manhattan Bridge, Dumbo & Brooklyn Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge is not the most pleasant place but has the advantage of offering beautiful views of Chinatown and all of Manhattan. Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Overpass Bridge) is a former industrial district with renovated buildings, bars and boutiques. If you are looking to make the famous picture of the Empire State Building, this is it!

The Brooklyn Bridge is popular and crowded, but is well worth the glance if only to admire Manhattan at sunset.Just next to the Dumbo, the hotel 1 is ideal for business trips, it offers a large amount of rooms, a large meeting room and a sublime view of Manhattan from the bar.

4. Central Park

The immense lung of New York, Central Park, is 341 hectares. What to walk for hours. In autumn, the colors are beautiful and at night, between vegetation, lakes and buildings, Central Park is a captivating space.

If you want, you can discover the prestigious Columbia University, with its impressive campus, at the crossroads Amsterdam Avenue and 116th Street.

5. Harlem

I discovered the neighborhood by doing a guided tour of Harlem, 3:30 in French, thanks to the New York Agency. Between ride, anecdotes and history, our guide, Svetlana, was able to transport us. Not to mention that Harlem is the perfect area to listen to gospel, a unique experience that must be lived at least once in a lifetime!

6. Riverside Park & Levain Bakery

Located on the Upper West Side, Riverside Park with its vegetation and views of the Hudson River is beautiful. Despite the noise of the city, it feels like being elsewhere. Near Riverside Park, and everywhere in New York, you’ll find the Bakery Sourdough that makes the world’s best cookies!

7. World Trade Center

With its memorial and museum, the World Trade Center is a very symbolic place. Whether or not you have experienced the attacks of September 11, the World Trade Center remains a must in New York. At the foot of the One World Trade Center is the Oculus, a recent station whose futuristic architecture is also worth visiting.

8. Rockefeller & Battery Parks

Rockefeller and Battery Parks, here are two of my favorite places in New York to wander! I never leave without strolling along the Hudson River. It’s down Rockefeller Park, we arrive at the pier, direction Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty!

9. Times Square

As opposed to the tranquility of the parks, Times Square is a very touristy and ultra alive space. With its fascinating atmosphere, Times Square is a place that will inevitably pique your curiosity!

10. Chinatown

Chinatown is the complete change of scenery! Chinatown New York par excellence, it focuses almost all supermarkets and Asian restaurants in the city, which can be found in Asia in minutes.

One last tip to find what to do in New York

New York is a huge city, impossible to see everything in one visit! However, if you want to focus on Manhattan, do not hesitate to walk to Greenwich Village, Soho, Chelsea or the Upper West Side to take in the view! And if, like me, you like to walk, think about taking your best shoes.

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