How to enter Canada from the USA ?

Enjoy a trip to the United States is sometimes synonymous with a trip to our cousins ​​in Canada. To get back to Canada, there are certain rules that must be respected because you are changing countries and therefore you have to submit to Canadian customs rules.

In order to be in order and to have no surprises, here are all the possible cases of possible entries Canada.

Entering Canada by car from the United States

If you have decided to make a Road Trip and to visit Canada by car from the United States, you do not need an eTA if you are French in possession of a valid passport.

I had a great tour from New York to Montreal and Quebec in 2011, by bus! It must be said that if time permits, I strongly recommend you to add a tour to Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver or one of Canada’s beautiful national parks, depending on where you stay in the US.

Entering Canada by Air from the United States

If you are French and traveling to Canada by air, you must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

This travel authorization is valid for 5 years, but be careful it does not allow you to stay 5 years in Canada. You can as French stay as a tourist 2 times 6 months a year, and this is at the discretion of the customs officer.

You transit by Canada by plane

Yes, you have to get an eTA even for a transit by plane.

What is the price of an eTA Canada?

$ 7 Canadian and is valid for 5 years.