A debit card to pay in the US without foreign transaction fee

I will not mix you with all the offers that exist. Each bank has its tariffs and sometimes has agreements with US banks to avoid withdrawal fees but not necessarily payment fees. Update on the possibility of obtaining a bank card to pay and withdraw money at no cost abroad.

An EU online bank and 100% free!

The basic offer of the N26 bank is 100% free and offers 5 cash withdrawals per month in the Euro Zone. This offer does not allow travel insurance, I recommend you take a separate or pay your trip with an American Express, Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold (check your insurance with your bank).

Payments in all currencies without any exchange fees

This is one of the star arguments of online banking N26. Indeed, even with the offer 100% free this option is offered to you and can save you a lot on your payment costs abroad.

If you wish to benefit from free withdrawals, you will have to take the N26 Black option at € 9.90 per month, but be careful, even if N26 will not charge you a fee with this paid offer, banks in the USA take 1 to 3 $ per withdrawal, regardless of your bank, so do your math with choosing this offer.

To open an account at N26, you can click on the banner below, moreover, through this link I am likely to earn a commission for every account opening approved, I prefer to be transparent.