Rent a car in Las Vegas

Known worldwide for its vibrant nightlife, unique casinos and extravagant scenery, Las Vegas is a must-see destination in the United States that will provide you with a variety of memorable experiences. But, contrary to popular belief, this city has much more to offer.

Its dynamic and festive spirit has crossed its borders, while the surrounding area is home to many treasures, such as Nevada’s exceptional natural heritage. The best way to travel in Las Vegas is certainly to rent a car.

This way, you will not miss any tourist attraction and you will be able to move easily and independently.

Places to visit near Las Vegas

If you’re full of Las Vegas shows, slot machines and attractions, you can escape for a day or more on an excursion that you’ll admire. Getting your rental car in Las Vegas, you can easily reach the Nevada Desert.

Be sure to check out Charleston Peak, the highest point in the eponymous mountain range. If the weather is good, you can even climb to the top (accessible by car), which includes a ski area and a breathtaking panorama. Hiking enthusiasts can visit the Red Rock Canyon, which has several trails that are popular with both enthusiasts and professionals.

Getting around and driving in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a large city, with several very different neighbourhoods. Most travelers focus on Vegas Strip’s main artery, dotted with countless casinos, bars and restaurants, not to mention its concert and entertainment venues. However, it is also possible to visit West Side, which is popular for its wide range of shops and restaurants with a friendly atmosphere.

This quieter neighbourhood is suitable for families or tourists who want to leave the frenzy of the city centre for a few moments. If you have opted for car rental, you can easily travel to Las Vegas which, like all major American cities, is a major city.

Road traffic can be heavier during peak hours. It is therefore preferable to plan your visits carefully to make the most of your stay.