Best Hotels in Las Vegas

There are many hotels in Las Vegas and prices range from single to double depending on the type of room you want to book.

However, living in Las Vegas, there are some hotels that are nicer than others and here I will try to give you my tips and advice to help you choose the hotel that will suit you both in terms of amenities and budget.

Your trip to Nevada is almost planned. However, you still have to book your hotel in the fabulous Las Vegas but you can’t choose from the almost 125,000 rooms available, all hotels combined. We will help you make your choice.

Sleeping on the Strip

The vast majority of hotels in Las Vegas are located on the Strip. It is the centre of the city where casinos, restaurants and other entertainment are located.

You won’t need a car to get around Las Vegas, there are mini-train shuttles and taxis or Uber and Lyft everywhere.

On the other hand, if you decide to stay in old Las Vegas, I recommend that you have a car because the centre is small and you will necessarily want to visit the city

The must in Las Vegas is to sleep on this main avenue, which offers almost all of the city’s attractions. This unavoidable avenue is called the Strip. It is the backbone of the city, its nerve centre. His real name is “Las Vegas Boulevard”.

These are 7 km of large hotels with attractions, restaurants, bars, shops. It is a magical setting of buildings, each more incredible than the next, with a wealth of lights and lighting.

If you have a sufficient budget, it is best to sleep directly in one of these many luxurious hotels. We will mention the names of the most famous: Bellagio, Mirage, Caesars Palace, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, New York New York, Marriott, Venetian. All offer prestigious suites, restaurants and casinos.

Many of them own spas. Each one has a particular theme with its own decoration and corresponding attractions. The Bellagio benefits from its famous fountain and offers sound and light shows every day. Mandalay Bay has a beach and a gigantic aquarium, the Shark Reef. The Mirage has a tropical oasis and a park with wild animals and dolphins.

Sleeping near the Strip

For smaller budgets, it is necessary to move away from the Strip itself. The adjacent streets offer many hotels at very affordable prices. Their services correspond more to a standardised standard, they do not of course offer the extravagance of the Strip hotels. Many of them are less than a kilometre away.

It is therefore quite possible for you to walk to the Strip, which is probably the best solution to avoid having to park the car, almost all car parks have become paying, except in the hotel in which you stay.

For visitors who love Vintage, it is also possible to sleep in the old downtown of Las Vegas which houses what could be called the “Historical Strip”. It has a somewhat outdated look, a reminder of the Prohibition era. You are a lover of history and offbeat atmospheres, this option should be considered.


The best Strip hotels in Las Vegas

Here it will only be a personal choice of the hotels I have tested and that I will recommend in order of preference:

  1. Waldorf Astoria (there is no casino in this hotel)
  2. Wynn and Encore
  3. Venezian
  4. Palazo
  5. Cosmopolitan

There are many other hotels, but I based my choice on the following criteria:

  • Design
  • Serenity (yes, even in Las Vegas)
  • Room sizes
  • Services offered and restaurants available on site (Swimming pool, parking, bars…)

I would have added the Caesars Palace and Bellagio, but inside, they are so big that it feels like a shopping mall, I prefer to warn you.

Beware of resort fees!

Almost all hotels in Las Vegas charge, in addition to the room rate, a fixed daily fee, called a “resort fee”, to cover the costs of the facilities offered by the hotel: parking, Wi-Fi, gym…

Some online sites do not charge her fees and you may have a bad surprise once you are there. Take the time to read carefully what is included in the price before validating your reservation.

How to sleep for free in Las Vegas or elsewhere?

By registering on, you accumulate nights for each night paid. After 10 nights (consecutive or not, or over several months), you benefit from a free night in the hotel of your choice. The value of the night offered will be based on the total of the 10 nights paid, divided by 10. Nice plan, isn’t it?