best Fish and Chips miami

Five Great Fish and Chips Restaurants in Miami

When people think of Miami cuisine, they tend to focus on the Latin American and Caribbean influences. But Miami is also on the Atlantic, situated in an ideal spot for what is the UK’s unofficial favorite dish.

These restaurants are some of the best spots in town to get some fried treats, and to also check out some other staples of British cuisine. In true pub style, most of these restaurants also offer a pint if you’re so inclined!

1) The British Garden (56 NW 29th St., 305-676-5455)

Miami’s art and fashion center is also home to some of the best English food in town. Located in Wynwood, The British Garden is a food truck that can be found based at NW 29th Street in The Wynwood Yard.

Owner and head chef Christopher Davey is a native of Essex but isn’t afraid to go non-traditional with his chips, adding toppings such as country gravy, pulled pork and truffles to them. Other menu items include gastropub-quality burgers, hot dogs, Scotch eggs over arugula and various British dessert classics like scones and sticky toffee pudding.

best Fish and Chips miami

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2) The Spillover (2911 Grand Ave., 305-456-5723)

The Spillover has an appropriate location in Miami’s founding neighborhood, on Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove. This popular seafood restaurant got its start as part of a larger effort to establish a number of farm-to-table eateries with craft beers in the area.

The menu has a wide range of influences and is hardly exclusively British, but fish and chips is one of the main attractions here, with the fish fried up in a more bite-sized variant of the traditional pub style. While you’re there check out the British desserts with a local twist like the guava bread pudding.

3) The Seven Dials (2030 S Douglas Rd., 786-542-1603)

Found on S. Douglas Rd. in Coral Gables, The Seven Dials is a traditional bar that tries to avoid the trendy gastropub label while still serving up quality British food and drink. The fish and chips stick to a fairly traditional preparation here to please purists, but be sure to save room for dessert because that’s where the menu really cuts loose.

Toffee caramel cake, chocolate ale cake, bread pudding with custard and caramel and sticky toffee pudding are all great ways to conclude your business here. And for party members who aren’t big on seafood or fried stuff, there’s a full menu of other UK favorites such as Welsh rarebit, chicken tikka masala and sausage rolls.

4) The Pub Pembroke (237 Sw 145th Terrace, 954-430-4230)

If you want a truly authentic British pub experience in the Miami area, make the short drive up 75 to Pembroke Pines to check out The Pub Pembroke, which is right off the highway near 820.

It’s equal parts about drinks and food, and the slabs of fried fish they serve alongside the chips are some of the largest around. Other pub specialties on the menu include the shepherd’s pie, Scotch eggs, prime rib with mashed potatoes and the pretzel bun burger. For dessert, check out the whiskey bread pudding with vanilla ice cream or the Jamaican cheesecake.

5) Catch Of The Day (1050 NW 42nd Ave, 305-446-4500)

If you’re looking to go a little more non-traditional with your fish and chips, check out Catch Of The Day on 42nd Ave near the Blue Lagoon. This seafood restaurant is primarily of a Latin American influence.

You can still get standard fish and chips if you like, but you can also get them with a side of plantain chips. Or just get the platter to give the whole fried menu a try, then finish up with some caramel flan or a pina colada. Who says you have to be married to tradition?


There are so many great dining options in Miami that it can be tough, but make a little time for some UK comfort food at one of these eateries and you’ll be pleasantly rewarded.

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